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    Regulator pressure (adjustable) By default from factory: 130 BAR. Can be easily adjusted between 60 BAR and 240 BAR
    Max Filling Pressure 300 BAR
    Magazine Capacity 8
    Ready for Pellets and Slugs Yes. Magazines can be loaded with pellets or slugs with a maximum length of 11mm
    Length folded   - 299 mm (to know this, you should rest 299 to Total Length)
    Max Width folded 76mm
    Barrel Length 250mm (9,85") / 350mm (13,75") / 450mm (17,70") / 600MM (23,60")
    Barrel Thread M14x1,25
    Grip EDgun grip with a standard AR15 crib. Any AR15 grip without tail fits perfectly well.
    Charging Connector Type EDgun fill-probe (included with the gun)


    Meet the Leshiy 2 and its new upgrades


    This is the latest in EDgun technology

    Unlike anything you've seen before


    Enjoy an unrivaled shooting experience thanks to its new fast semi-automatic system.

    Patented Valve

    Thanks to our unique and market leading new patented EDgun valve, we achieve more
    power and more shots due to its lower air consumption.

    Making it more consistent and
    increasing accuracy.
    No other product in the market has this EDgun patented valve.


    Because of its smart hammerless design, the Leshiy 2.0 has NO PING! This advanced
    feature makes the gun quieter and more accurate...

    giving a much more rewarding shooting experience.


    First semi-auto Airgun in the market giving you the option of 5 different calibers:
    .177; .20; .22; .25; .30.

    These barrels are fully interchangeable in less than 60 seconds.

    Change your way of shooting

    We're introducing a brand new semi-auto PCP

    The first All-in-One Airgun device for use across multiple shooting disciplines.



    Accuracy was the first/main priority during the design process.
    The Semi-Auto Leshiy 2.0 is as accurate as the most advanced single-shot PCP airgun.

    Powerful and Silent

    Incredible shooting experience due to its silent and powerful performance.

    With the new valve, we can achieve very high velocities with shorter barrels,

    without wasting air!

    Light and Compact

    The lightest and most compact semi-auto high end PCP airgun in the market.
    With double air tanks, the Leshiy 2.0 has an amazing 4 times more volume of air available, and yet still maintains an incredibly light total weight of only 2,2Kg.



    The Leshiy 2 has no battery. This makes the gun even more independent and indestructible.

    10 Airguns in 1

    The Leshiy 2 gives you the possibility of up to 10 different barrels, allowing you to choose between 2 different lengths for each of the 5 different calibers.

    So, no matter which caliber you purchase the Leshiy 2. All you need to do to change the caliber, is to buy a caliber kit which contains barrel, magazines and suppressor: all the parts necessary to make the transformation.