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EDgun - Apex Regulator


The Apex Regulator is Edgun’s latest regulator for the Leshiy 2. Building on the experience with the E.A.R, Ed has now released a redesigned externally adjustable regulator, which has vastly improved reliability and performance. This is the top regulator for the Leshiy 2. The Apex Reg is now standard issue for the Leshiy 2 and can also be retrofitted to the Leshiy 2s that are already out there and came with the E.A.R. This is the definitive regulator for Leshiy 2 users: improved reliability, performance, and robustness.

Notice that this Apex does not accept a gauge like the E.A.R., which has a plus side in that there is some extra volume freed inside the regulator. Also, you can still use a gauge to read the regulated pressure with the EDgun Regulator Gauge Adapter · Leshiy 2.

Note: the Apex' adjustment tool is NOT the same as the EAR tool. If you have the EAR and want to move to the Apex, your EAR tool will not work with it.