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Pellets Zan Projectiles · BR100 Cal .30


The World Class slug maker Zan is now pouring his passion and obsession with perfection into pellet making.
Designed for 100m bench rest, the BR100 are high-performance .30 caliber pellets that have superior weight and head/skirt consistency.
Zan's packaging also guarantees that the high-quality pellets are well-protected and will deliver when you hit the range.


  • x1 box = €18,90/box
  • x10 boxes = €17,90/box (you save €10)
  • x20 boxes = €15,90/box (you save €60)

Caliber: .30
Weight: 3.6 grams (65 grains)
Length: 10.7 mm (0.42")
Number of pellets per box: 154 pellets