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Leshiy 2 · Tuned by Francisco 8.0

CALIBER: .25 (6.35 mm)

This is a very special edition Leshiy 2. Francisco has spent quite some time developing it, thinking outside of the box - and it shows. Looking for an extremely compact Leshiy 2, almost approaching the pistol-sized format, some big calls were made. Despite its barrel length and size, raw power had to be included, so he went for .25 or .30 cal with a fixed regulator set at 160 BAR. The standard reg means the stock size is strongly reduced, so you can easily put away and carry in your backpack (remember the original Leshiy concept?) - this one folded is only 269mm long!! That's 70mm less than the standard 250mm Leshiy 2.

Of course, to make it ultra compact we took advantage of the Behemoth Suppressor, which is not only excellent at sound moderation, its QD allows you to take it out immediately for travel.

In line with its "essence", the optics chosen for this version is the Vector Optics Frenzy Red dot sight, ideal for quick acquisition and shooting at short/medium distances. Its 250mm selected Alfa barrel means that these shots will land where they should.

It is so compact that we just dropped the bottle or standard reservoir. Instead, it comes with a fitting for quick charging so you can plug it into any bottle you can carry easily, or even an air tank, and you can blast away for quite some time! 1000mm hose and bottle plug included. This kit adds a PeAzy, for recharging your air source once you're out of fuel (note: not to be used with the hose and plug for the fitting).

Anyways... looking for the most compact Leshiy 2 ever made? Need a really small airgun that packs a punch? You've found it; now get yours!
  • Selected Alfa barrel accurate with slugs and pellets in 250mm / .25 (6.35mm) or .30 (7.62mm)
  • Behemoth Picatinny 4 modules
  • mEaZy gauge
  • Vector Optics Frenzy-S · 1x17x24 MIC Red Dot Sight
  • PeaZy with 470cc bottle
  • 2 magazines optimized for Slugs (black for .25 - red for .30)
  • 2 magazines optimized for Pellets (black for .25 - red for .30)
  • x3 Black magazine holders
  • Fitting for quick charging
  • 1000mm hose
  • 360º Valve Swivel
  • Standard regulator fixed at 160 BAR
  • Jets installed: 0.4 + 0.4
  • Micarta Grip
  • Black inserts
  • Black button
  • Tuning by Francisco
  • Shipping included

Limited quantity in stock.