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The famous Leshiy 2 is a folding, super compact and lightweight carbine which rivals other larger carbines or rifles in both power and accuracy. Unlike other small PCP air guns, the Leshiy 2 is definitely not a toy! Its small size and lightweight allow it to be transported in a small backpack, which makes it the ideal PCP gun to always carry with you.

The Leshiy 2 is incredibly versatile and is an eternal hunting tool.

Leshiy in russian language means Goblin, “Spirit of the Forest”.

FAC stands for Firearms Certificate; in other words – no power restriction. This option is suitable for countries without power restrictions. For countries that do apply restrictions, we adjust the rifles according to the country of destination’s regulations, whether the client has a Firearm Certificate or not. Be aware that any PCP airgun can be tuned and therefore can have its power adjusted. It is the owner’s responsibility to comply with local regulations.

Yes. It is. You can use the same Leshiy 2 with 5 different calibers:

    .177 (4,5MM)

    .20 (5,1MM)

    .22 (5,5MM)

    .25 (6,35MM)

    .30 (7,62MM)

The Leshiy 2 is the first semi-auto airgun in the marketplace with this option.

Changing the caliber can be done in less than 60 seconds!

Each caliber barrel is available in four length options:

    250mm (9,85”)

    350mm (13,75”)

    450 MM (17.70")

    600 MM (23.60")

Yes. The power of your Leshiy 2 can be adjusted from 3 Joules up to an impressive  >120 Joules.

A step by step video guide will be available in the near future to show you how to do this at home. Written instructions will also be available.

Please, be aware of your country’s legislation and restrictions before changing the power of any of your airguns. It is the owner’s responsibility to keep within the legal restrictions applying to their airguns.

Please, at all times, ensure you act very carefully and very responsibly. Airguns can be very dangerous at any power. Use airguns in a safe manner, and only where you are allowed to. If in doubt, check before you shoot.

All magazines, of any caliber, have a capacity of 8 rounds. We didn’t make it bigger because of two reasons:

-After many tests, we reached the highest level of accuracy with its small design.

-To make the gun as compact and comfortable as possible

To load pellets into the magazine is very simple and can be done very quickly. To take out an empty magazine and put a fully loaded one can be done in less than 2 seconds.

Conclusion and result: Even though the magazines have only 8 shots, the Leshiy 2 is capable of shooting 24 accurate shots faster than any other PCP airgun in the market.

The excellent design of the Leshiy 2 means the rate of fire will depend on how fast you can move your finger! Our testing has proven that it is possible to shoot a complete magazine (8 rounds) in less than 2 seconds (without the help of any tool). This means: If we had a 240 round magazine, we would be able to shoot 240 rounds per minute!

Barrel lengths for the Leshiy 2 are:
250mm (9,85”)
350mm (13,75”)
450 mm (17.70")
600 MM (23.60")

The main difference between them is that each barrel provides peak accuracy at its own optimum velocity.

Longer barrels are capable of higher velocities and therefore have more power than shorter barrels. However, there is no substantial difference when it comes to accuracy, as both long and short barrels can be extremely accurate.

Many people think that long barrels are inherently more accurate -but this is not always the case. What is effectively true is that longer barrels are more accurate at higher velocities with the same pellet. But if you don’t need that extra power, shorter barrels are more accurate at lower velocities and (thanks to its reduced length) are lighter and overall, more portable.

This is a difficult question to answer. Because it depends on the individual's needs and which features you value most.

If you want or need the most compact and powerful semi-auto PCP device, go for the short barrel with the compact suppressor.

If you need higher power levels and you don’t care about the extra length and a slight increase in weight, choose the long barrel with the long suppressor.

If you're finding it difficult to decide, you can buy an extra KIT and have both barrels (and change them when you wish).

The level of noise depends more on the power than on the length of the barrel. However, it is true that with the same power configuration (same V0), the longer alternative is slightly quieter. This happens because of two reasons:

-The volume of the Long suppressor is larger.

-At the same velocity and power, the longer barrel needs less air, so the air following the pellet and exiting the barrel is less with the long barrel than with the short barrel.

Interesting note: With the Leshiy 2, you can also install the long suppressor while using the short barrel of 250mm (9,85”)

This is also a difficult question to answer because some parameters are quite personal.

As a rule, smaller calibers develop less energy, and the air consumption (cm3 per Joule of energy) is higher than with larger calibers.

This also means that larger calibers can develop more energy, and the air consumption (cm3 per Joule of energy) is lower than with smaller calibers.

Smaller calibers have flatter trajectories in flight with lower energy (but with similar V0).

V0 = Muzzle velocity of the projectile.

Larger calibers have more stopping power with the same energy.

Larger calibers usually require more energy to be more accurate at longer distances, and higher powers usually have a higher Ballistic Coefficient (BC). Higher BC retains the energy at longer distances = lower deceleration = less shift from the Point of Impact (POI) in windy conditions.

To help decide which barrel to choose, you can read the complete Technical Specs made by EDgun Leshiy Store HERE.

The good news is that no matter which caliber you purchase the Leshiy 2 in, all you need to do to change the caliber, is to buy a new caliber kit which contains barrel, magazines, and suppressor. Those are all the necessary parts to make the transformation.

The answer is: No.

The barrels from the Leshiy 1 do not work properly on Leshiy 2.

Due to its semi-auto platform, the barrels made for Leshiy 2 have a different port.

And also, to maximize accuracy (always our first parameter), we decided to make the barrels 2mm thicker.

So, the barrels for Leshiy 2 have a special port and an external diameter of 14mm.

If you find a way to adapt and install the barrel of a Leshiy 1 on a Leshiy 2, for sure, it will not work correctly.

This will depend on different parameters:

Caliber, length of the barrel, and total volume of the air reservoir.

At WWW.EDGUNLESHIY.SHOP we have completed a page with accurate Technical Specifications. Please Click Here

Yes, very easily. All the regulators sold at are carefully tested at the factory. This guarantees you get a perfect regulator in your airgun.

Standard Regulator:
The regulator of the Leshiy 2 is fitted with a blue scale, so you can adjust and change the pressure without using a tester. The adjustment range is between 70 and 160 BAR. We designed a very fast and accurate regulator, so you can shoot as fast as you can without losing accuracy. Please read the instructions to learn how to use it properly.

Externally Adjustable Regulator (E.A.R):
This regulator allows you to change the pressure settings without needing to empty the tank and then adjusting, and it also has a wider adjustment range between 60 and 240 BAR. If you like to switch between power settings rather often then this new regulator will enhance your shooting experience!

The Leshiy 2 was designed with a perfectly balanced trigger for maximum accuracy.

The trigger has a short and light first stage, with a very consistent and trustful second stage of ± 700 grams (depending on the selected pressure of the plenum). We consider this setting to be the best one for its semi-auto mechanism.

Hence, the trigger is not adjustable because after many tests, we reached the conclusion that does not exist a better setting for supreme accuracy.

At EDGUNLESHIY.SHOP we offer the best pellets for the Leshiy 2.

Our main parameter is always accuracy. Soon, we will also be offering slugs, which will work perfectly with the Leshiy 2.

Stay tuned as we will constantly be uploading the latest news and information for you to watch! Instagram

The maintenance of the Leshiy 2 is very simple. We designed in a clever simple way to make it as reliable as possible. We also designed it to have the least amount of O-Rings as possible.

And, last but not least, the quality of the chosen materials is outstanding.

D16T:Russian aluminum alloy (2024T6), which has even better properties than other alloys made with Titanium. This great alloy, without a doubt, is better than all other alloys that are being used by other airgun brands.

With this great alloy, the gun is super solid and ready for the most extreme situations.

And, thanks to this alloy, the air tanks are completely safe (capable of reaching up to three times more pressure than needed <900BAR> without any risk of failure).

Stainless Steel 40H13 -AISI420: This steel is used for the necessary parts which are exposed to high levels of friction, so that the gun can last forever.

Military Polymer PA6+30GF: Many people prefer the use of metals rather than plastics. However, this only has a sense for some parts. We use plastic on parts that make more sense than using metals in these circumstances. Our used plastic has the advantage of being lighter and having a lower friction coefficient. We use the most suitable materials to achieve the best results.

Brass: Same small parts are made of an alloy named CuZn38Pb1. 

The first reason is because the Leshiy 2 is more expensive to produce.

And the second reason is: the technology in the development of the Leshiy 2 is a big step further than any other airgun in the market! Owning a Leshiy 2, you can be sure that you have in your hands the latest technologically advanced airgun.

The Leshiy 1 and Leshiy 2 share the name because of the concept:

Compact, lightweight, and foldable, with similar aesthetics. However, from the mechanic point of view, they are almost entirely different devices. The main difference is the valve.

Should I sell my Leshiy 1 for a Leshiy 2? Our opinion is they complement each other, and each has its high level of fun, the Leshiy 2 taking it to a whole new level, but you will probably prefer to keep both to maximize your choice and levels of fun.

The fantastic looks were built into the Leshiy 2 right from the early design stage and has been a constant focus throughout the whole process.

Well there are few out there who know Ed and EDgun as well as we do - we have been official EDgun dealers since 2013, and we’ve had a working relationship from even before that. We have a very fluid relationship and intend to keep it that way, directly impacting our ability to provide you with all the possible solutions and advice, should you need them.

That brings us to another point - customer satisfaction. We know that without you, we wouldn’t get anywhere, therefore we are motivated to take your feedback and provide you with assistance when needed, always trying to give a little extra, when possible.

And aside from this self interest, we love airguns and shooting sports, and having pleased customers who just enjoy their airguns and their time practicing this fantastic sport just warms our hearts!

If you still have questions, please send an email to We will answer you as soon as possible. Frequently asked questions will be added to this page for everyone else to read. So, maybe, your question could be uploaded in this section.

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