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Original Springs Set for Leshiy 2

After many shooting sessions, some parts, typically O-rings, might begin to show signs of wear and need for replacement. Springs go through the same issues - constant stress will eventually make some springs fail or start underperforming. That's what this kit is for - have this ready for when any of your springs start to fail, you won't have to stop shooting to get another spare!

Each Original Springs Set for Leshiy 2 includes:

Code Quantity
LSA241012 Spring 1
LSA242015 Spring 3
LSA241008 Spring 2
LSA101008 Spring 3
LSA101014 Spring 1
LSA201009-16,4 Spring 1
LSA231018-8.5 Spring 1
LSA228009 Spring 1
Disk spring d8,2Xd15x0.8 8
LSA242510 Spring 1
Art 2205 Spring 1

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