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Ballistic chronograph Air Chrony MK3

SKU: mk3b

  • The Air Chrony MK3 excels in providing exceptionally accurate measurements while maintaining resilience against interference, even in challenging lighting conditions. With a user-friendly interface offering multiple language options and modern features, the Air Chrony MK3 is the chronograph of choice for the diverse community of shooting enthusiasts. 

    Extensively tested with air rifles, the Air Chrony MK3 also performs reliably with various small-caliber weapons, including airsoft, paintball markers, small-caliber rifles, bows, and crossbows.

    The chronograph measures bullet velocity up to 2000 m/s (6,562 fps), energy in Joules, average speed, maximal velocity, minimal velocity, number of shots, velocity deviation, cadence, and more. You can choose between metric or imperial units, and the language can be set directly in the menu.

    The MK3 is very durable and can be mounted on a tripod via a standard ¼ UNF thread, making it versatile for almost any circumstance. (Tripod not included)

    With excellent accuracy even under poor lighting conditions, USB connection, online results presentation, and intuitive handling, the Air Chrony MK3 is ideal for a wide shooting community. Combined with the appropriate Air Chrony software, it provides outstanding support for accurate shooting.

    • Battery operating time: 7hrs
    • Operating frequency: 40 MHz
    • Bullet weight settings: 0.01-65.00g / 0.154-1003gr
    • Span of the measured velocity: 2-2000m/s / 6.562-6562ft/s
    • Measurement error: less than 0.14m/s / 0.459ft/s
    • Optional backlight for the display: Yes
    • Export data to PC: Yes
    • Online monitor output: Yes
    • Sensor goal calibration: Yes
    • Battery: 3 x 1.5V AAA
    • Type of connector for external power supply: Micro USB
    • Width: 69mm / 2.717in
    • Height: 130mm / 5.118in
    • Depth: 83mm / 3.268in
    • Size of the shooting window (W x H x D): 56 x 59 x 75mm / 2.205 x 2.323 x 2.953in
    • Weight with batteries: 670 g / 10.340 oz
    • Software free download: version 2.00

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