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    Through the Pre-Order System.

        The Pre-Order is the order in advance of a product that isn't available at the time (no stock).

        Our production lines are in batches, set to limited quantities. This means our production capacity is currently unable to keep up with the international demand for our products – this is why we offer the "Pre-Order" option so that our customers can secure their purchase.

        This method allows us to offer our products at the lowest possible price. Taking advantage of this option of "order in advance," it also gives you the guarantee that you will get the product as a priority customer and as soon as it is possible.

    The advantages of the Pre-Order are:

        · As a priority customer, you will be amongst the firsts to receive your product; this means no waiting until the product comes into stock (immediate purchase), as we anticipate a high demand that will delay common stock for non-pre-order customers.

        · It's the most affordable option. Lower priced for "Pre-Orders." The prices may increase when they are in standard stock.

        · Early orders may get a surprise gift!

        · You support and help EDgun grow.

    The Pre Order service is an anticipated reservation.

    At WWW.EDGUNLESHIY.SHOP we are now offering two alternatives to place the pre-order of your Leshiy 2:

      1) 50% pre-payment

      2) Pre-Payment in advance of the full cost of the product

    No matter which payment option you choose, you will get your Leshiy 2 as soon as possible, just after those who pre-ordered before you at WWW.EDGUNLESHIY.SHOP

    We will update the delivery time regularly, which will depend on how many customers have confirmed until the moment (before you). So you will be able to check the delivery time before you place your pre-order.

    No, we have only one list, and we ship in order of purchase, so how much you pre-paid (50% or 100%) of your Leshiy 2 will not determine when we will deliver your order. However, we are sending a few gifts inside the box to all those who support us by paying 100% in advance and waiting for the product patiently.
    In any case (50% and 100% pre-orders), the sooner you pre-order, the sooner you will get your Leshiy 2.

    The current estimated delivery date at WWW.EDGUNLESHIY.SHOP is:

    1-2 months since the pre-order is placed.

        You can cancel your Pre Order at any time. There will be a 10% cancelation fee, which means you will receive a refund of 90% of your payment.

        You may also choose the option to exchange the entire Pre-Order payment for a discount voucher that can be used to purchase any other product(s) offered by and

        Yes, in the future, it will be possible to purchase your product under the "immediate purchase" mode, with no need to pay in advance. However, you'll have to wait until the product is available for purchase in this mode on our website. 

        Please bear in mind that:

        1) You'll have to wait longer until the product is available for the "immediate purchase" option. You may have to wait for 6 to 12 months, depending on how many buyers have chosen the Pre-Order mode.

        2) Prices for the "immediate purchase" will likely be higher.

        If you prefer to wait without pre-ordering anything, but you don't want to be left without your Leshiy 2.0, we would like to invite you to subscribe so we can inform you when your product will be available for "immediate purchase" and delivery.

        I want to receive an email when Leshiy 2 is in stock for Immediate Purchase:

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    *Note: For alternatives with *, please place your order via email:


    1. The products will be delivered in order of purchases. This means that the sooner you Pre-Order, the earlier you'll get your product. (first come - first served). We will respect this point.

    2. You will be contacted to confirm the delivery address once the product is ready to be shipped. 

    3. The delivery date will be updated on the website once a week, depending on the number of buyers that have already Pre-Ordered.

    4. By using the Pre-Order, shipping to any part of the world will be free and provided by one the bests urgent delivery services (DHL, FedEX, UPS).

    5. If for any reason, we cannot deliver on time, we will offer you a refund of the full payment.