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Leshiy 2 · Raider (Wolfiek 9.0)

CALIBER: .35 (9 mm)



The Raider is the first Leshiy 2 9mm special edition made by Wolfiek Group. We’ve put together a versatile package for this NINE, making it capable of adjusting to any shooting situation, either planned for or unexpected, and with the right accessories for the job. With the NINE’s air demand it’s vital to know where you stand in terms of regulated pressure, that’s why the Raider has already a MeaZy for this, and a Wika 315 for the fill pressure. Optimized in terms of efficiency thanks to its 0.3+0.4 jets, this NINE features a 350mm Alfa barrel, for effective slug AND pellet shooting, comfortable to move around yet with enough power to hit far. Micarta grips and the HUMA full aluminum trigger mechanism both add to its robustness and ergonomics.

Inside the box:

  • Alfa 350mm Barrel in caliber 9mm
  • Black WIKA 315
  • MeaZY for Plenum
  • Jets: 0,3 + 0,4
  • Black Micarta Grip
  • Metal Trigger Mechanism
  • 470cc Bottle installed
  • Behemoth Picatinny Kit

Note: We ensure that all airguns are set to the appropriate power level for the country they are being sent to (7, 10, 16, 20, 24 Joules, or FAC).