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    EaZy Fill - Revolutionary filling station


    Revolutionary EaZy fill system

    PCP filling has just become way easier thanks to EDgun. 

    Until now, filling implied inserting the fill probe, then opening the valve and filling the reservoir, next close the valve, bleed the hose, and finally closing the valve and removing the probe from the gun. 

    Now, thanks to the EDgun EaZy fill system, you insert the probe, squeeze the trigger, fill the reservoir and then release the trigger to remove the probe. The filling process has just become much faster, and the air is no longer wasted! This revolutionary design is also not exclusively made for EDgun airguns… 

    It can use other fill probes for other brands!


    Bullet points:

    • Zero air waste

    • Super Silent (no need to bleed the hose)

    • Super Quick (much faster than other filling stations in the market).

    • No need to regulate flow with the tank valve.

    • Truly universal (you can use it with any airguns brand). 

    • It comes with 1/8 BSPP (G 1/8) thread.

    • All fill probes models are compatible.

    • Lightweight.

    • Made with high-quality materials.


    Check the estimated delivery time according to your location:

    Location Parts & Accessories Airguns
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    Norway 2-5 days 3-10 days
    United Kingdom 1-7 days 7-21 days
    United States 2-5 days 3-10 days
    Rest of the World 7-14 days 7-21 days