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    Build Your Leshiy 2


    Some people want their products out of the box, ready to be used. Why not, really? Particularly with EDgun, you know that it will shoot straight right away and you’ll be having fun in no time. However, we also know some of you have the acquired taste of building their own airguns, practically from scratch. And once you’ve found out that this is part of your passion, you cannot give it up. That’s why we are giving you the chance to build your Leshiy 2 by being able to purchase each component (and the varying options should there be for each part) separately and put it together by yourself!


    1.A- Barrel Lothar Walther 250/.177  2.G- Suppressor 350/.20 
    1.B- Barrel Lothar Walther  250/.20  2.H- Suppressor 350/.22
    1.C- Barrel Lothar Walther 250/.22 2.I- Suppressor 350/.25 
    1.D- Barrel Alfa Precision  250/.22 2.J- Suppressor 350/.30 
    1.E- Barrel Lothar Walther  250/.25 3- Receiver
    1.F- Barrel Alfa Precision 250/.25 4.A- Forward Plug .177 (4.5mm)
    1.G- Barrel Lothar Walther  250/.30 4.B- Forward Plug .20 (5.0mm)
    1.H- Barrel Alfa Precision 250/.30 4.C- Forward Plug .22 (5.5mm)
    1.I- Barrel Lothar Walther  350/.177 4.D- Forward Plug .25 (6.35mm)
    1.J- Barrel Lothar Walther  350/.20 4.E- Forward Plug .30 (7.62mm)
    1.K- Barrel Lothar Walther  350/.22 5.A- Magazines .177 (4.5mm) + Holders
    1.L- Barrel Alfa Precision 350/.22 5.B- Magazines .20 (5.0mm) + Holders
    1.M- Barrel Lothar Walther  350/.25 5.C- Magazines .22 (5.5mm) + Holders
    1.N- Barrel Alfa Precision 350/.25 5.D- Magazines .25 (6.35mm) + Holders
    1.O- Barrel Lothar Walther  350/.30 5.E- Magazines .30 (7.62mm) + Holders
    1.P- Barrel Alfa Precision 350/.30 6.A- Butt Tube + E.A.R (Externally Adjustable Regulator)
    2.A- Suppressor 250/.177  6.B- Butt Tube + Standard Regulator
    2.B- Suppressor 250/.20 7- Firing mechanism
    2.C- Suppressor 250/.22 8- Grip
    2.D- Suppressor 250/.25 9.A- Air Reservoir
    2.E- Suppressor 250/.30  9.B- Carbon Fiber Bottle
    2.F- Suppressor 350/.177 10- Complete Buttpad

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