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    Leshiy 2 Limited Edition 3.0 · Tuned by Francisco


    Third time’s a charm! If you missed the first two editions of the fantastic Leshiy 2 that Francisco personally put together for all the Leshiy fans, with his 3.0 version now is your chance.

    By now you’ve probably heard of him, our team leader at, and one of Edgun’s top shooters. Having worked with Ed for years now, few people in the World know their way around these Russian masterpieces as well as Francisco does.

    The 3.0 retains the essence of the first two versions, focusing on accuracy and power at extreme ranges, while incorporating the new Externally Adjustable Regulator. The E.A.R is perfect for the shooter who likes to change often his power settings as it can be done without emptying the tank, and also provides a wider adjustment range, between 60 to 240 BAR. Guaranteed accuracy and discretion thanks to its 600mm Alfa barrel and kit Shorokh, while keeping a good shot count thanks to its 350CC carbon fiber bottle. Get this cool black-red Leshiy 2 NOW! ONLY TEN IN STOCK!!

    This Limited Edition 3.0 includes:

    • Leshiy 2
    • 600mm Alfa Precision barrel (selected and professionally polished by Francisco)
    • 538.5MM Suppressor Shorokh - Red
    • 534.5 MM Carbon Fiber Handguard - Black
    • Externally Adjustable Regulator (E.A.R)
    • 350cc Carbon Fiber Bottle
    • 4 magazines - Red
    • 4 magazine holders - Black
    • Clip
    • Soft case large
    • Tunning and testing by Francisco


      NOTE: Only available with 600mm barrel in cal .22 (5.5 MM) and .25 (6.35 MM)

    Note: We don't sell carbines with the engraved "F"

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