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    Direct Fill Mini Compressor (8 liters per minute)

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      1. This compressor will fill any airgun from zero to full in minutes.
      2. 12v PCP compressor
      3. Built-in 110v/220v power converter
      4. Power source: 12v DC battery / 110v / 220v AC household plug
      5. Motor power: 250W
      6. Size: 305 X 222 X 140mm (12 X 9 X 6 inches)
      7. Net weight: 7 Kg (16 pounds)
      8. Charging speed: 8 liters per minute.
      9. Suggestion fill volume: Less than 25 minutes per fill.
      10. Auto-stop functions:
        1: pressure auto-stop function
        (it will auto stop when it reaches set pressure).
        2: auto stop when continuously fill for 25 minutes.
      11. Max Working Pressure: 300 BAR
      1. 12V alligator clips
      2. Plug
      3. Filter
      4. Plus everything you can see in the picture.