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Direct Fill Mini Compressor PCP 310BAR/4500PSI · GEN 2.0

  • This compact compressor will fill a 500CC air reservoir from 0 to 310 BAR (maximum working pressure) in 20 minutes. Its size and weight make it ideal for taking it with you wherever you need to go to. Alike in most features to our Direct Fill Mini Compressor, this new variant includes a digital display. It has a pressure sensor accuracy of +-3 BARs and an ultra-sensitive control preset pressure automatic shutdown. It also includes a built in temperature sensor which protects the compressor from overheating, and also can detect any abnormal condition of the air – shutting down the compressor should its motor become overloaded. Detects and displays power supply voltage, it will shut down automatically if the voltage drops beneath 10V.
    1. This compressor will fill any airgun from zero to full in minutes.
    2. 12v PCP compressor
    3. Includes digital gauge >> Bigger display!
    4. Built-in 110v/220v power converter
    5. Power source: 12v DC battery / 110v / 220v AC household plug
    6. Motor power: 350W
    7. Size: 305 X 222 X 140mm (12 X 9 X 6 inches)
    8. Net weight: 7 Kg (16 pounds)
    9. Charging speed: 8 liters per minute.
    10. Suggestion fill volume: Less than 25 minutes per fill.
    11. Auto-stop functions:
      1: pressure auto-stop function
      (it will auto stop when it reaches set pressure).
      2: auto stop when continuously fill for 25 minutes.
    12. Max Working Pressure: 300 BAR
    1. 12V alligator clips
    2. Plug
    3. Filter
    4. Plus everything you can see in the picture.
    5. Optional: Inline drying filter. This versatile filter delivers exceptional performance.