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      1. The famous Leshiy is a super small and light carbine that competes in power and precision with other much longer barrel carbines. Unlike other small air guns, the Leshiy is not a toy! Its size allows it to be carried in a small backpack, which makes it one of the most competent PCP weapons on the market to use anywhere.
      2. More information about EDgun Leshiy.
      1. This Airgun is 12 ft·lbs
      2. Barrel length: 250mm (9,85”) / 350mm (13.75”)
      3. Folded length: 36cm / 46 cm
      4. Total length unfolded: 63cm / 74 cm
      5. Weight: 1,4 Kg / 1,6 Kg
      6. Large volume eccentric suppressor with integrated Air Stripper.
      7. Trigger lock.
      8. Easily regulated trigger.
      9. Picatinny rail
      10. Tank capacity: 60 cm3 + low chamber.
      11. Max working pressure: 300BAR.
      12. Factory regulating valve: 125 BAR (configurable between 80 y 150 BAR).
      13. EMDU digital manometer
      1. EDgun Leshiy Black (Airgun)
      2. Fill Probe EDgun (Charging connector)
      3. Simple Replacement O-Ring KIT
      4. EDgun owner card with its Serial Number
      5. 2 years of official warranty and support
      6. The Instruction Manual can be downloaded from:
      7. Scope: not included

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