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    Custom Leshiy 2 Behemoth with 470cc carbon fiber bottle



    You could say that this is a staff pick – a versatile combination which covers all the latest must-haves, and one that we would replicate for ourselves!

    We’re not restricting to any caliber, it is available in any of them. It has the quietest moderator assembly out there: the Behemoth with the Reflex Shroud, with all seven modules so it’s up to you to figure out which total length/sound suppression balance you want to have.

    We’ve added two rails, one on the side and the other on the bottom, for you to place whatever accessories you want, the 470CC bottle which is the best one considering the air volume/ergonomics compromise, our 2.0 mags which are ideal for slug use, and, finally, dark orange Micarta grips for ergonomics + sharp looks.

    Note: We don't sell carbines with the engraved "F"

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