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    Butt Leshiy 2 with Bottle - LSA242000

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    This Butt includes all the upgrades to date.

    Having an extra butt for your Leshiy 2 not only means that you’ll always have a backup at hand, but also that if you take it with you during your shooting sessions, you can keep the fun going on well after emptying the first tank…

    You can also choose between the standard butt and the new one. Being EDgun, you know that both are robust and reliable, but the new butt includes an externally adjustable regulator which allows you to change the pressure settings without needing to empty the tank and then adjusting, and it also has a wider adjustment range between 60 and 240 BAR, while the standard regulator is accurate only between 70 and 160 BAR.

    If you like to switch between power settings or like to change calibers rather often then the upside will be rather obvious to you. Whatever you choose, we’re pretty sure that having two butts will enhance your shooting experience!

    With this 350cc bottle, the Leshiy 2 gains 260cc of additional air volume.

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